Jennifer Aniston Lunches With Paul McCartney

Jennifer Aniston has another superstar pal Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney. The former Friends actress had the 66-year-old over for lunch in LA days after hanging out at Tom Hanks‘ party over the weekend.

Sir Paul was seen leaving Aniston’s home in his car after the lunch date. Meanwhile, Aniston apparently feels used by her ex-husband Brad Pitt after he decided to save his relationship with partner Angelina Jolie.

“Brad’s gone running back to Angie for the sake of their kids and because she’s made it clear she’ll devote more time to their relationship,” an insider said. “But Jen is livid and feels Brad’s made a fool out of her yet again.

Just when she thought things were going well between them, Brad put a knife through her heart by stepping out with Angelina looking smug and happy. “It’s so insulting when you think that only a few days before he left for Europe, Brad was complaining to Jen how miserable he was with Angelina.
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