Lindsay Lohan, doing a cracked-out magazine photo shoot
From Radar
Other Linnocent news: she announced on a radio show that she is currently boycotting Glee: “I don’t watch Glee. They have made a load of snarky remarks about me. I don’t know why.”
Maybe they make fun of her because she’s a humorless, crackheaded sociopath CHILD?!? What’s weird is that I TOTALLY believe that Linnocent has literally NO IDEA why someone would mock her or make fun of her. In her own delusional mind, she’s incredibly awesome.

    Lindsay Lohan certainly isn’t shy about flashing a little skin!

    The troubled actress left little to the imagination on Saturday as she stripped off in the moist Miami heat for a photo shoot for Plum Miami Magazine.

    Lindsay, 24, showed off her assets as she posed wearing a trendy nude colored swimsuit.
    The Mean Girls star jetted there from Los Angeles Friday morning for what’s expected to be her last trip before she is scheduled to surrender to authorities. She is to serve a two-week incarceration after pleading no contest to a theft charge.

    The Miami Beach shoot is to accompany an in-depth interview for the magazine’s July issue.

    Earlier Saturday, Lohan was spotted smoking on the balcony of her penthouse hotel room and enjoying the sunshine.
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