Vanessa Williams

Vanessa A. Williams ethnicity is African American.
Vanessa Lynn Williams was born in Tarrytown, New York, United States in March 18, 1963.

Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams Ethnic Background leads us to a question of race and ethnicity which to a large extent has become irrelevant in today’s society. African American and Caucasian can be described as the race of Vanessa. She was the first African American to have won the Miss America crown which she did eventually gave up due to controversies. Vanessa Williams grew mostly in a white middle class suburb of New York. One of her ancestors David Carll who was a black man married a white woman by the name of Mary Louisa Appleford as far back as 1862. So Vanessa Williams had a mixed ethnic background. Her parents are supposed to be of both European and African background and this probably explains the lighter skin and green eyes of Vanessa Williams. No matter what her ethnic background is she has over the years earned a lot of fame and popularity with her songs and acting career.

She has helped the cause of African American woman by setting an example to them that if you have talent and the necessary hard working skills you can make it in any profession. There has been a lot of debate about her race and her ethnic roots and they have been numerous things said that attribute her success to her race. Her ascent to the top of the entertainment industry has nothing to do with race or her ethnic status but due to her abundance of talent. Vanessa Williams Ethnic Background is a question best left as she has opened the doors of her profession to numerous other women.
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