What Sort of Earrings Are Celebrities Wearing

What Sort of Earrings Are Celebrities Wearing
The best way to learn about jewellery trends, specifically earrings, is to keep an eye out for the jewellery worn by celebrities. Celebrities wear jewellery that is only the latest designs. In fact jewellery designers like to give away their latest jewellery designs to celebrities just for publicity. This gets their brand the hype every designer dreams of. A piece of jewellery worn by a star usually becomes the hot fashion trend.
Drop earrings, hoop earrings, tribal, chandeliers, all these designs have been around for years now. Here is a list of the top earrings trends for the 2009/10 season:1) Statement earrings are the first on our list. Oversized statement earrings were a hot property in the year 2009, they will stay in the year 2010. Dangling, big chandeliers are still trendy and in fashion. Jennifer Lopez and Mary J. Blige were seen sporting some great statement earrings on the red carpet and in their videos.
2) The shoulder touching chandelier is not chosen by everyone. Rather the drop earring or smaller sized dangling earrings, work better for such people. Angeline Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet, even Michelle Obama have all chosen to wear drop earrings at red carpet events. Hence, underlining the resurgence of drop earrings in the year 2010.
3) Bright summery colours are a must have accessory in earrings in the year 2010. All the gloomy earrings in your jewellery box should be banned this season and replaced with some colour. Angelina Jolie wore bright green earrings at the Oscars. Yolanda Adams decided to wear striking turquoise earrings at the Grammy Awards. Earrings provide a colour boost to the whole look and feel of a dress. So freshen up your look with new earrings.
4) Feathers, accents of wood and natural seeds and are going to stay popular through the year 2010. The tribal chic or ‘safari’ is trendy still. John Galliano, who designs for Dior, has gone with this look in a big way.
5) If you are not confident about choosing earrings with a lots of glitz and glamour then keep it simple. Hoop earrings are stylish and simple. They can make you look trendy in a jiffy. A brighter side is that you do not have to worry if hoop earrings are in style or not. They are classic and stylish all year round. Angelina Jolie looks with the simplest hoops. Simple gold or silver hoop earrings are the best and the safest choice.
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